Xitsuh K Tigers E & C | New Family, New album in October

Seo Chulgoo have a new family! Known for his freestyle skills, he’s now have a new family. Also plan to release new album in October. Xitsuh K Tigers E & C

Xitsuh TIger

Xitsuh K Tigers E & C begin when Seo Chulgoo (Xitsuh real name) were having a workshop overseas, preparing the next album. After a long discussion between two parties, Xitsuh finally sign an exclusive contract with the agency in August. K Tigers E & C is also a home of K Tigers Zero & Min of MIss A.


Xitsuh SMTM 4 ‘Snoop Dogg’ Cypher

Start his music activities on 2014, Xitsuh was  a part of Angdreville Fellaz (ADV) Crew. He’s get many attention when he’s appear on SMTM 4. Most notably when he’s decide to pass the mic to the young Yang Hongwon (Young B) instead of taking the chance to show his freestyle skill in the infamous Snoop Dogg cypher. Xitsuh appear again on SMTM 5, achieve better result : Semifinal.



Xitsuh really active on 2017, become the judge of School rapper 1, release music & perform in events.  But, he’s on Hiatus since his latest release on january 2018 (Costume EP). Xitsuh explain that one of the reason of the inactivity is because he have an injury on his leg that have been constrain his activities. TMI : Xitsuh is a talented gamer, participate in OGN Gameolympic (an e-sports events for celebrities who compete against each other)

Young B x Giriboy X Xitsuh in School rapper 1

Xitsuh new album tracklist

Xitsuh Tiger

Xitsuh plan to come back as a musician with an Album this October, 2019. Not playing around, the album is rumored to featured Famous Dex! Now with the new family Xitsuh K Tigers E & C plan to not only active in domestic (south korea) market but in overseas & Global market aswell. Can’t wait!



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