The Night of Seokyo Story Line | With Dawon , as always

The Night of Seokyo Story line. Let’s get to know more of The NIght of Seokyo & the new track  Psst, there’s two version of the track, Korean version & english version ~

The Night of Seokyo Story Line

The night of Seokyo debut on 2016 with a track you & Me. The 5 member band describe themselves as a group who unfolds & composed various music stylesgnre into modern composition. Latest track of The Night of Seokyo ‘Story LIne’ feature Dawon, who already participate in the group project as their vocalist since 2017.


The night of Seokyo Story line feat Dawon (

‘Story LIne‘ start with rhythmic latin style guitar & dawon hook  The Night of Seokyo slowly adding more element into the song, making the song sound progressive & trendy as the song goes on. The song is actually have 2 version ! A korean version & english version. Make sure to check out the English version also in music sites/youtube.



The night of Seokyo not only love by their own fans. They also been attracting attention by other media such as korean Drama OST. Here’s a track titled ‘Blue Sky’ for SBS drama ‘My Strange Hero’ Original soundtrack

The NIght of Seokyo ‘Blue Sky‘ for My Stranger Hero OST

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