AOMG Sign Here EP 2 | Former SMTM Contestant, other Agency join

Another unique aspect is there lots of artist from other agency  join AOMG SIgn Here. Even if they didnt win, they still get exposure & airtime from the program


Choi Seohyun / Dooyoung. All Sign !

First contestant who got an All Pass !! All 50 panelist like Choi seohyun performance and he got pass without need to wait the verdict from AOMG Judges. Former School rapper 1, SMTM 6 & SMTM 777 contestant Choi Seohyun / Dooyoung join AOMG Sign Here. With fellow Ballin all day agency member Blacknine.


Maddox (pass)

Maddox perform engine on AOMG Sign Here. The singer from KQ entertainment is one of the most anticipated contestant when the teaser drop last week. Well he more than deliver the expectation, Maddox really blew away the judges with his voice. Can’t wait to see More of Maddox inext episode AOMG Sign here 2nd round !



Kimoxavi (pass)

Not only singer/rapper, producer can also join AOMG Sign Here !! Kimoxavi is a duo with Ray Hill as a producer singer DJ. So far we got Code Kunst, DJ Wegun & GRAY as AOMG producer, adding another one shouldn’t b ea problem right ?


Hippy was Gipsy (pass)

Multiple Award winning artist Hippy was Gipsy also joining Sign here! Jflow and Sep already win multiple awards including Korean Music Awards 2018 & Korea Hip hop awards 2018 as best R&B/soul Album. They were also from Stoneship, pretty sure Ddolbae already aproove them joining the program because Ddolbae actually promoting AOMG sign here through his SNS.


Next Episode Teaser.

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 2

AOMG Sign Here Ep 3 will be the rest of 1st round contestant. There’s Jongup of B.A.P & MBA Crew at the very least. Also 2nd round will be 2 vs 2 battle with Special judge Nucksal, YDG & Gummy.


There still not yet AOMG Sign Here Ep 2 English subs but you can watch the raw version HERE



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