AOMG Sign Here EP 2 | Former SMTM Contestant, other Agency join

AOMG Sign Here EP 2 !! More contestant show their skill & Talent in this episode, there also many familiar face if you have been following other survival program like SMTM.

AOMG Sign Here Ep 2

First episode of AOMG Sign here explain the program & rules for the 1st round. The rules as follow : 5 AOMG judges/producer gonna pass / fail contestant, there’s 50 panelist (AOMG Friends) who also can all pass/fail contestant. Let’s continue with the 1st round because there still more yet to perform !


Meloh (Pass)

Meloh didnt leave a good impression to the panelist, only 4 aproove of Meloh performance. Yet as long as its not 0 (all Fail) the AOMG Judges still have a say in it. Meloh got a Pass from AOMG SIgn Here judges, pass to the next round. TMI: People said that meloh look like Haru (Tablo of Epik High Daughter).




Osamari Crew

Osamari Crew is here !! While Slick O’domar competing on SMTM 8, the rest of OSA/osamari Crew joining AOMG Sign here ! Qwala, walter & frogman here and impress the judges with witty lyrics that use WWE wrestler name & jargon. The Rock, Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, NWO, and more. Can you Smell what The rock is Cooking ? Nah i can only hear Osamari Crew spittinf fire.


Former SMTM 6 contestant

Not only we got SMTM 6 reunion on SMTM 8, we also got SMTM 6 reunion on AOMG SIgn Here. Numerous SMTM 6 contestant is here to try their luck. There’s  Ryno ,Black nine & Absint who the judges know because all of the judges have been participated in SMTM as producer (GRAY, Simon Dominic, Jay Park & Code Kunst) or as a contestant (woo Wonjae)

Ryno : pass
Blacknine : Pass
Absint : Fail



School rapper kid : Chiyo & South Kidd

AOMG SIgn Here Ep 2

Not only SMTM & HSR with their young talented rapper. AOMG SIgn here also provide us with a glimpse of talented school rapper that joining as contestant, Chiyo & Southkidd. Both of them didnt pass this round, but we look forward to their future activities!

Chiyo : Fail
Southkidd : Fail

South Kidd 06 Freestyle


There still not yet AOMG Sign Here Ep 2 English subs but you can watch the raw version HERE



What do you think of AOMG Sign Here EP 2 so far?? There’s still more contestant performance in the next page !