Simon Dominic Dax4 | Continous Comeback from Ssamd!

Simon Dominic Dax4. AOMG artist Simon dominic is ready to go back !! Not only with one song, or two, or three, he just keep coming back.

Simon Dominic Dax4

One of the best news from 2018 is the news of Simon dominic coming back to the music industry. It’s a joy to have him back on Instagram, advertising model & also as entertainer (he appear on television many times). But it’s more of a joy when Simon Dominic release new music ! Dax4 is the start of many more to come from Simon Dominic in 2019.


Simon Dominic Dax4 Music Video

Darkroom Darkroom! Dax4 not only produced by fellow Darkroom producer Goosebumps but also feature Simon Dominic close friends that helping & make cameo in the music video.  In the song Simon Dominic also give a nostalgic shout out to old Crew “Alone in this Chaos IK Forever. TMI : IK is an abbrevation of Illest Konfusion, Simon Dominic crew back in 2010’s.



Dax4 is only a start of more music activities of SImon Dominic. In the next week he release ‘Make Her Dance‘ feature Loopy & Crush. In the following week Ssamd is back again with Pose feat Yumdda, and in the following week Jung Kiseok gonna release an EP. Well fed.

Simon Domiinc ‘Make Her Dance’ feat Loopy & Crush

Make sure to follow SImon Dominic on instagram : @Longlivesmdc . He’s currently also appear on AOMG survival program ‘Sign Here’ as a judge, dont miss out !



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