Wyne My muse | Former Superstar K 6 Jang Subin

Wyne My Muse. A new single by R&B Singer Wwyne !! Not familiar with the name yet ? She’s actually Jang Subin From Superstar K Season 6.

Wyne my Muse

Jang Subin first appear on Television when she’s still in High School 5 years ago, in Superstar K 6 Jang Subin didnt go far, eliminated in the collaboraiton stage. But, she’s still catch the eyes of one Superstar K 6 judges, Yoon Jongshin who recruit her to join Mystic entertainment as trainee. She;’s now part of 015B company.


Wyne My Muse

Why she use the stage name Wyne ?? She’s actually a fan of Amy Winehouse and the name Wyne is easy to remember so she’s use it as a stage name. My Muse is a track selfwritten by Wyne and co produced by Park wonjoon, My muse is also the first single of Wyne since joining 015B after part ways with Mystic Entertainment.



To bring back some memories, Wyne already debut as a trainee in Mystic entertainment back in 2015. She’s a hidden trainee that participate in Yoon Jongshin monthly projectm november 2015.. Have you heard the track before ??

Yoon Jongshin Monthly Project, november 2015 with Jang Subin (Wyne)

Bonus : Jang subin (Wyne) on Superstar K 6

Make sure to follow Wyne on Instagram : @Wyne_is . Don’t miss out on Wyne updates who gonna be busy for the rest of the year



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