SMTM 8 EP 5 | Revival, producer stage, crew battle

SMTM 8 EP 5 is here ! There’s many thing to ask about the next episode of SMTM 8. What will happen to punchnello ?? How cool the producer stage this year?? Iconic crew vs crew battle?

SMTM 8 Ep 5

Previous episode show us the 1 vs 1 battle of each crew member, become one of the longest episode of SMTM history (nearly 2.5 hours). The previous episode is not over yet though, there still more rapper to perform & revival round for contestant that lost the inital battle. SMTM 8 Ep 5 Starts!


SMTM 8 4th Round continue

SMTM 8 Ep 5 continue with a continuation of previous episode. There’s still 5 more battle to follow in this episode! It measn more airtime for more rapper. Also more unexpected result that have been the theme of the 4th round of SMTM 8.

  • Lil Tachi vs Eptend (Win)
  • Young B (win) vs Yung Sog Wave
  • Kim Seungmin vs Yanu (win)
  • EK (Win) vs Naughty Mae

Young B vs Yung Sog wave SMTM 8 4th round battle



SMTM 8 Revival round

SMTM 8 Ep 5

SMTM 8 Revival round ! The elimianted contestant from the 4th round still have a chance to survive in this season of SMTM 8. Each crew pick 4 contestant that they think have the best performance from 1 vs 1 battle. They gonna battle each other and two rapper will survive.

  • Lil tachi (Pass) vs Yung Sog Wave vs Yuja vs Kim Seungmin (pass)
  • Punchnello (Pass) vs Veiniyfl vs Untell vs Kingchi Mane (Pass)

SMTM 8 Ep 5



Kingchi Mane blurred / edited out from SMTM 8

SMTM 8 Ep 5

Before continue, there’s an issue that need to be addressed. In this episode & previous episode of SMTM 8 there’s a blurred contestant that i people really curious. It’s actually Kingchi mane who edited out/blurred because of Sexual harassment controversy.


More eliminated contestant

SMTM 8 Ep 5

Before the 5th round Start, MC Kim Jinpyo announce that There’s only 11 contestant allowed for each crew. It means more contestant gonna be eliminated from each crew. It’s really a sudden announcement that make contestant & producer confused & Surprised because every each contestant already battle their way until this far just to be eliminated without got a 2nd chance.

  • Mac9
  • YoungBloodx
  • OVOL
  • M1NU
  • A-Chess
  • Mushvenom
  • Eptend
  • Yano
  • Ahn Byungwoong



Full contestant list for Each Crew member that survived through 5th round

40 Crew

  • Kim Seungmin
  • Donutman
  • Lil Tachi
  • Bully Da bastard
  • Bryn
  • Olltii
  • YunB
  • Yunhway
  • Takuwa
  • EK
  • Owen Ovadoz

BGM_V Crew

  • Mckdaddy
  • Big Naughty
  • Young B
  • Woodie Gochild
  • Kingchi Mane
  • Zene The Zilla
  • Jjangyou
  • ChoiLB
  • Chillin Homie
  • Punchnello
  • Dbo


Check out all SMTM 8 contestant HERE. There’s not yet SMTM 8 Ep 5 English subs but you can watch the RAW version HEREĀ 



How do you think of SMTM 8 Ep 5 ?? There still more story in the NEXT PAGE