AOMG Signhere MV | Unreleased track from judges

Before the new survival program of AOMG Start. The producer/judges of the program release a special teaser. It’s AOMG SIgnhere MV !

AOMG Sign Here MV

AOMG Sign here  is a program that search for the next member of AOMG. Not only rapper, singer & producer can also join the program as a contestant. To hype up the new program, AOMG producer/judges release a new Music video that include unreleased songs of each producer/judges. Let’s check out AOMG SIgnhere MV !


AOMG Signhere MV

Even though technically the Music Video is just a teaser for the upcoming survival program, it already reach more than 1 million views on youtube!  Each of the song that the AOMG artists sing/perform in the music video havent been released yet. We probably gonna get Simon Dominic first because he plan to release an EP next month on September.

Here’s the title of each song

  • Jay park ‘In to My mood’ 
  • GRAY ‘Show Window’
  • Woo ‘Devil’ prod by Code Kunst
  • Simon Dominic ‘ Room Type’



We really look forward to each song release, while we wait you can watch the 1st episode of AOMG Sign Here and witness promising talented artist that have a chance to be the next member of AOMG.

AOMG SIgn Here ep 1

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What do you think of AOMG Signhere MV ?? WHich track you really look forward to ?? Let us know in the comment section below !