AOMG Sign Here Ep 1 | Who gonna join AOMG ?

AOMG Sign Here ep 1 !! The anticipated and long awaited program of AOMG Survival is finally here. Let’s get ourselves familiar with the concept of the program.

AOMG Sign Here Ep 1

AOMG decide to make a survival program this year to find the next member of their family. The survival program air every Thursday 9.30 PM KST on MBN TV channel. There’s many question to ask regarding the program, How is the system ?? Will it be different from SMTM ?? Who is the contestant ?? And many more question that gonna be answered in the first episode.


AOMG Sign Here Ep 1 1st round System

The 1st round of AOMG Sign Here remind us with Show Me The Money fire round system, but with a twist. AOMG Producer gonna pass/eliminate each contestant in anonymous decision by 5 judges (SImon Dominic, GRAY, Jay Park, Woo wonjae & Code Kunst). There’s 50 panelist (AOMG Friends) who also help give their opinion, contestant can get All Sign if all 50 panelist pass them and get special benefit.



Yella D (Pass)

One of the charms of Sign Here other than SMTM is the various musician type. Not only rapper, there’s also producer who joining the program ! Yella D can rap but he’s mostly active as a producer, already produce track for artists such as : Monsta X, AndUp, New Champ, Louie of Geeks just to name a few.



Part time cooks (Pass)

Aren’t they VMC artists ?? Yup! Saul & Black Moss is a part of Part Time Cooks duo who actually under VIs Major Company. They decide to join AOMG Sign here, we hope PTC can achieve their goals in the program. One of my critics to MBN is they dont upload the performance to youtube channel, so i just gonna put the songs that they perform instead.



Another charms of AOMG SIgn Here, contestant from Overseas. Uyanga is from Mongolia, she’s audition for AOMG Sign here and post it on Instagram where Uyanga got a lot of views & Good response from the netizen and pass the preliminary audition. The judges decide different though, Uyanga didn’t pass but we really look forward to more music activities in the future!



Sojuboi (Pass)

Straight making an impact, Sojuboi come with a upside down nametag. Not only with unique name & personality, Sojuboi actually deliver with the song ‘Ahjumma‘ that have catchy hook & witty Lyrics. His mom calling at the end of the performance just make it perfect. Look forward to character development of Sojuboi in future episode.


Bonus : Woo Wonjae & Jay Park a whole new world

There still not yet AOMG Sign Here Ep 1 English subs but you can watch the raw version HERE



What do you think of AOMG Sign Here EP 1 so far?? There’s still more contestant performance in the next page !