015B Wyne | Sweet Melting Dangerous , project continue

015B Wyne collaboration !! Producer team 015B currently have a ongoing project titled ‘New Edition’ where they collaborate with artists, now it’s the 14th edition with Wyne !

015B Wyne

015B is one of the oldest producing team that still active in South Korea. The two brothers Jung Seokwon & Jang Hoil already have 230 tracks as 015b and more than 200 tracks produced by two of them combined. They still one of the trnediest producer out there, keep evolving & growing as an artist, constantly produce music that didnt sound & feel ‘old’ at all. Check out their latest song from ‘new Edition’ project with R&B Singer Wyne.



015B Wyne ‘Sweet Melting Dangerous’

The song is a combination of Vintage Rock, hip hop bear & R&B Melodies. Life could be sweet, make your hearts melt yet dangerous at the same time which inspired the title of the track. R&B Singer Wyne who still exploring new music identity become the 14th artist to participate in 015B ‘New edition’ Project



‘New edition’ Project by producer duo 015b have been ongoing since March of 2018, Starting from singer Jang Jane. Other artist is : Youra, Park Jaejung, Fil, Hongbi, Ezen, Henzy  & Nayul 0f 12dal

015B feat Hongbi ‘과거의 오늘’

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