HA:TFELT Moonbyul of Mamamoo Collaboration | Happy Now

The next Devine Channel x Amoeba Culture project is with HA:TFELT !! She’s not alone because HA:TFELT Moonbyul is collaborating in a song titled ‘Happy Now’

HA:TFELT Moonbyul

Park Yeeun (HA:TFELT real name) debut in 2007 as a member of Wonder Girls. Since 2014, she use the stage name HA:TFELT as soloist. In 2017, HA:TFELT sign with Amoeba Culture, already release ‘Meine’ & ‘Deine’ single album. Now she’s back! With a new single titled ‘Happy Now’, a continuation of Amoeba Culture x Devine Channel project.


HA:TFELT Moonbyul of Mamamoo ‘Happy Now

HA:TFELT and Moonbyul first know together when they both appear on the same TV programs, it’s been one of HA:TFELT wish to collaborate with Moonbyul, and finally the wish Come true! ‘Happy Now‘ produced by Devine-Channel, Sakehands, Jason Duarte.  Have you ever feel tired of someone keep play the ghosting games with you ?? HA:TFELT said, “Karma comes back to you”’

Snippet of HA:TFELT Moonbyul ‘Happy Now’ lyrics 

“God’s watching over you yeah, ah
Your  dating mantra is to have fun
The  guy who’s dating a Miss Korea is your role model
Your hobby is DM
Your talent is ghosting and spreading the word that you dated me

Happy  now? Feels like you have the world, right?
Easy  to play with a person? Be young and rich
(All you love is you)
What  is love? You don’t even wanna know
All you care about is having fun”



HA:TFELT ‘Read Me’ feat Punchnello

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