SHAUN 36.5 | While waiting to finish military duty

Shaun is currently serve mandatory military service as active duty soldier for 15 months. It doesnt stop SHAUN to release new music though, SHAUN 36.5 EP

SHAUN 36.5

SHAUN break South Korea Music scene last year with ‘Way Back Home; that not only chart in South korea but all over the world. He’s actually already debut on 2015 and active way back before that as a DJ. In April 2019, Shaun announce that he gonna serve his mandatory military service, he also promise that he gonna keep releasing music that he been working. He just fulfill the promise last week.

Shaun 36.5 EP tracklist

  • Moon
  • 36.5
  • To be loved


Shaun 36.5 Music video

Title track of the EP, 36.5 is a summer pop genre which tell a story about 365 days of summer with loved ones. Someone familiar in the MV ? Yup It’s DJ Yena that already appear in Ovan track ‘Miss Fortune’. There’s also a verse from Hey! Lucy which used to known as Park jiyeon that join on SMTM 4.



One of the track inside SHAUN 36.5 EP is titled Moon which have is a special track for SHAUN Fans. The track also have a special Video which were a recap of SHAUN solo concert before he going to serve his mandatory military service the day after.



Not active in the music scene because he’s currently serve his military duty. Doesnt mean SHAUN Stop making noise. One of SHAUN most popular track ‘Way Back Home’ is getting a remake by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber feat SHAUN ‘Way Back Home’

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