Quad BBIBIBIG | A New EDM hiphop track

Quad BBIBIBIG. Self producing artist Quad is back with a new track Bbibibig. Lets get to know more about the artist and new song !


Quad officially debut on 2015 with a track titled tipsy. Not having an Agency/company, Quad mostly self produce, write & arrange his own tracks. So Far, One of Quad achievement is become a runner up on Move the Crowd HIp hop Hackaton cypher category where HuckleberryP, Nucksal, Eluphant & Justhis participate as a judge.


Quad BBIBIBIG MV preview

The track use a mix of EDM & Hip hop genre. using drums & fx sounds to achieve the concept of ‘Fashion runway music’. The single is self produced, composed, arranged, written & engineered by Quad himself! What do you think about the track ??



Quad have been working with artist like Ness in the past. He’s planning to release a new EP by the end of november with a same concept like the track, a simple yet addictive music you cant get enough of.

Quad & ness perform ‘Inside’

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Listen & purchase to Quad BBIBIBIG onĀ  melon, genie & bugs


What do you think of Quad BBIBIBIG ?? Does the music style suit your taste ?? Let us know in the comment section below !


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