Hahoe Moai collaboration Album $illy | Trot & Trap genre

Hahoe Moai $illy Album. A collaboration Album. The genre is unique though,they said that the genre is Trot Trap , wait what ?

Hahoe Moai

Trot is a genre that native to Korea, in South Korea Trot is still one of the most popular genre, not only for the older generation. Popular trot singer like Hong Jinkyung, Park Hyunbin & many more is one of the busiest artist, attending festival & events every single day. Now, what if trot genre is combined with Trap ?? That’s what Hahoe & moai just did! Music that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old they are.


Hahoe Moai $illy Album tracklist

  • Eolleli Kkolleli
  • Molar feat Futuristic Swaver
  • Big Shower
  • H.U.N.C.H.O
  • Flying Paper
  • Saint Laurent feat Bradystreet
  • Run Run run
  • Molar feat Futuristic Swaver
  • H.U.N.C.H.O  (remastered)

Hahoe Moai H.U.N.C.H.O

Hahoe & Moai try a new genre that never been try before, trotrap. In the album description it said that the genre will combine strong points of both genre so it gonna make a new genre that well loved by every age of South Korea citizen. The album for now feature fellow hip hop artist Bradystreet & Futuristic swaver but in the future they want to collaborate with trot artist like Taejin ah.



Hahoe make lots of noise this year by participating on SMTM 8, Participating alongside Big Naughty and 100kgold. For now, there’s not much information yet about MOAI, but in the instagram Bio he write ‘I’m Your Grandfather’s Favorite Rapper’

Hahoe performance SMTM 8

Make sure to follow Hahoe & MOAI on Instagram : @hahoe_life ; @moaistoneface .. This is just a start of their new genre : trotrap



Listen & Purchase to Hahoe Moai $illy album on Apple Music, Melon, Genie & Bugs


What do you think of Hahoe Moai Trotrap genre ?? Do you like the concept ?? Let us know in the comment section below !


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