Nafla Loopy Youngji Pluma | Im the one !

Nafla Loopy Youngji Pluma. What do you think of this combination ?? They just collaborate for a track together titled Im the one !

Loopy Nafla Youngji Pluma

How this collaboration happen ?? I’m The one is actually a track sponsored by IBK band for the new mobile app ‘ i-ONE Bank’. The bank choose the trendy rapper to convey their message to young generation “Lets enjoy youth, keep moving forward pursuing dreams with inspiration”


Nafla Loopy Youngji Pluma ‘Im The One’ Music video

The 4 rapper have been making lot of noise in recent memory. Nafla & loopy is respectively SMTM 777 winner & runner up, Lee Youngji is School rapper 3 winner while Pluma just join Highline entertainment. The unique collaboration become perfect when the track is produced by producer DRESS!



The track ‘Im The One’ is really anticipated by everyone including South korea media. They even held a special press conference for the track.

Nafla & Loopy ‘Im The One’ press conference

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