EDEN Heize Heaven | Everyday could be a heaven

EDEN heize Heaven. Two singer with heavenly voice collaborate !! Both of them is powerhouse in their own rights, now they have a new song that suit the season, Summer.

Eden Heize

EDEN is a singer-songwriter-producer who debut in february 2017. Beside releasing numerous track in just a span of 2 years, the artist from KQ Entertainment also produce track for idol groups such as : BTOB, ATEEZ, Wanna one & many more. Now Eden got a chance to work with the digital monster Heize.


EDEN Heize Heaven Live clip

What is heaven for Eden, in the single description eden said “Anywhere could be heaven, as long as you alongside the right person”. Heaven is an electronic pop genre self produced & composed by EDEN . How EDEN can work with Heize ?? They actually already know each other for a long time, they already promise to collaborate one day but because both of them is busy they never found the time, until now.



One of my personal favorite track : EDEN, Babylon & Woodz ‘Drive’

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