Bang Jaemin romantic factory | New Family

Yesterday at Vinxen Aquarium 3 concert there’s an announcement of new member of the family, It’s A.mond / Bang Jaemin romantic factory !!

Bang Jaemin romantic factory

Bang Jaemin first known as School rapper 1 & 2 contestant, where he make a good impact & impression to the viewers audience, The member of Kiff Clan that also known with stage name a.mond part ways with Amoeba culture earlier this year. Since then Bang Jaemin is taking his time off from entertainment & Music industry, only spotted on several occasion.  Until now.


Bang Jaemin romantic factory family announcementt, Vinxen Aquarium 3 concert

Last night (15th of August 2019) there’s a surprise in Vinxen Aquarium 3 concert. There’s an announcement of new artist that gonna join the family, and its none other that Vinxen Kiff clan brother Jaemin !!

Bang Jaemin Romantic factory family alongside



Bang Jaemin post amoeba Activities

After parting ways with Amoeba culture, Bang Jaemin didnt really do much activities in entertainment industry. One of the reason that Bang Jaemin part ways with the company (amoeba Culture) is because of health reasons. One of Bang jaemin activities is appear on Kiff Clan leader Yenjamin ‘pull Up’ Music video.



Bang Jaemin exercise in boxing club.

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@a.mond_jaemin . . 방재민이 좋슴다 체육관 회원들도 다들 인정해쬬!! 그냥.. 복싱을 좋아해서 열심히해서 가르치는 보람이 있어서 너무 좋슴다 인성 갑!! . 남자는 여자랑 틀려서 뭔가 뭉칠때 느껴지는 파워가 있어요 남자들끼리 농구하고 축구하고 뭔가 여자들한테서 없는 단결력!!! . 그래서 저는 빵군이 좋고 편합니다 복싱을 좋아해서 더더 좋습니다^^ . 착하고 착한 잘 웃고 편하게 대할수 있는 빵군이 대성하길 저는 간절히 바래봅니다!! . . < Able Square Boxing Club> -- 평일 : am 7 : 00 -- pm 11 : 00 -- 토요일 : am 10 : 00 -- pm 5 : 00 -- 체육관 위치 : 서울시 강남구 논현로 403(역삼동), B2F -- 전화 상담 : 02-6191-0079 -- 카톡 상담 : hancoach2

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We wish all the best for Bang Jaemin with the new family !! We gonna keep an update of Bang Jaemin future activites at Dkhhrnb