Junny Vivid Project | Part 1 & 2 release

Junny Vivid project continue. After release the 1st part 5 months ago, Junny release the 2nd part recently. What’s the difference between the two?

Junny Vivid

Junny Vivid project starts when he’s come to South Korea to pursue full activities as a musician. In case you didnt knew, Junny were actually lived in Canada since he’s 4 years old so its a new challenge for Junny to adapt to the new environment. Yet it didnt take long for Junny to back produce music, in span of 5 months Junny have been release Vivid Project with 10 tracks separated into two parts.

Junny Vivid Part 1 tracklist

  • Living Dream feat Yelloasis
  • Zone
  • Feel that
  • For the Weekend feat Paloalto
  • Patience

All of the track in the first part of Vivid is self written & composed by Junny. It’s a story about different belief of Junny that start his career in canada and move to korea. There’s a lot of inspiration from foreign artist in the tracks.

Junny For the weekend feat Paloalto




Junny Vivid part 2

  • Distance
  • Trust feat Punchnello
  • Say feat Tobias dray
  • Be Mine feat Holynn
  • WasteĀ your time

Different from the 1st part of Vivid, Junny use more PBR&B type of music here. Junny also share the emotion of being far away from the loved ones now his in South Korea. Same as previously, Junny self compose & Write all the songs.

Junny Trust feat Punchnello MV

Junny actually a big fan of Punchnello when he’s still in canada. Junny reach out to Punchnello. and punchnello accept. The song is actually based on Junny real life experience & punchnello actually make the lyrics with the exact type of concept of feelings that Junny want to convey, Harmony.


Bonus : Junny ‘Thank You’

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