10cm Do you think of Me ? | Behind story of the song

10cm appeared for the second time on 1theK’s Live ONE to promote his latest release, “Do You Think of Me?”. Check out the story behind 10cm do you think of me

10 cm Do you think of me

On August 6th, 10cm appeared on Live ONE segment by 1theK Originals. He promoted his latest release called Do You Think of Me? 10 Cm goes as far back as 2010, their songs is loved by everyone in every season except Summer, until now. Yup ! 10 CM finally have a summer song to make everone summer better ~.



Kwon Jungyeol Recent Activities

It has been 2 years since his latest appearance. Back then, he released his 4th album then performed the pre-release single, “Help”. When asked about the source of his inspiration to write the lyrics for his new song, Kwon Jungyeol answered, “I don’t do anything special. I try hard to write nice lyrics.”

10cm Do You Think of Me MV

The new single is called “Do You Think of Me?”There’s a lyrics that says, “A mosquito is in my room” “Do you think of me?” was in my mind from the beginning. The lyrics were born unconsciously. Kwon Jungyeol also try a little bit of acting in the Music video for the song. He never tried it before so he look angry instead of happy, actor Kwon jungyeol still need a lot to learn.



10cm have a common theme when it comes to Music video : a room. ‘Do You Think Of Me?’ is not an exception. “It’s a story that set in my main center, a room. I think it’s because of my personality. I don’t go out often. Through many songs that I’ve released, I think I’ve built a special room. “

10 Cm What the spring ?


Kwon Jungyeol felt that he has not released a summer song that being loved by many people. “So I thought, “Doesn’t 10cm go well with summer?” That was what I thought. 10cm doesnt have a summer song yet, they already have several hit songs that associated with other seasons ; Spring : ‘Whats the spring’ . Fall : Stalker , Winter : Sseudam sseudam, but none yet in summer



10cm Concert 1020

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10 Cm also recently have a concert 1020! He’s always interacting with the fans whether is with his SNS or through concerts.


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