Class of Lies OST | Silver spoon by VMC artists QM & Odee

Class of Lies OST have 2 rapper participate so far. The first one is Yumdda & 2nd one is VMC artists QM & Odee. Let’s get to know more about the song & Drama !

Class of Lies OST

OCN is master of Thriller drama, yup class of lies is a drama with a thriller genre even though its have School as theme. School of lies air every Wednesday & Thursday since 17th of July 2019. OCN is familiar with rapper participate as their OST, recently Nafla also participate for another OCN Thriller drama ‘Watcher’.


QM & OdeeA Silver Spoon‘ for Class of Lies OST

QM is one of the VMC artist that join last year on 2018 beside Rohann (webster B) while ODEE have been steadily gaining recognition after his appearance on SMTM 777 where he reach as far as the semifinal. Silver Spoon is a word that associated negatively with wealth, privelege & spoiled kids, its related to the story of the drama where there’s 4 elite students with 0.1% grade who have special privilege compared to other students in the drama.



Not only VMC artists QM & Odee, the drama ‘Class of Lies’ also have Yumdda as the OST ! Fun Fact : Even though Yumdda already debut long time ago in 2006, this is Yumdda first paricipation in Drama OST.

Yumddawin’ for Class of Lies OST

Make sure to follow Both QM & ODEE on Instagram : @Qmquestionmark & @Slyodee . If you want to watch Class of Lies English subs you can watch it HERE



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What do you think of Class of Lies OST By QM & Odee ?? The drama havent gone too far so you can catch up easily !