Goobne Advertising with Yumdda | 2019 have been the year of Yumdda

Don call me ~ Cash only ~. A hook from Yumdda that everone knows. Yumdda not only been flexing and getting the money from selling t-shirts, he also being invited to star in Goobne advertising !!

Goobne CF

Yumdda is having a rejuvenated year on 2019. Debut in 2006, Yumdda were actually really popular back then in the 2000’s as MTV VJ (This was really cool back then). Yumdda already have more than 80 tracks in his career yet he known the most for his recent character/persona as ‘Old man who loves money’.


Yumdda birthday 20 april 1984


Goobne Advertising with Yumdda

Not gone further into details about the pizza advertising. Despite the lack of international recognition, Yumdda is really popular in South Korea, he’s even invited nearly everyday when it’s University festival season few months ago. Yumdda also plan to have his solo concert soon !!



Beside release own songs, start youtube channel & well… flexing, Yumdda also have been active as musician, he recently featured in Jay Park track ‘All Day (Flex)’ that also feature Kim haon.

Yumdda feature in Jay Park ‘All day (Flex)

BOnus : Yumdda fan meeting that include NO:EL

Make sure to follow Yumdda in Instagram :@yumdda so you dont miss out on Yumdda funny instagram update & interaction with other rapper (he’s basically a friend of everyone)



Goobne advertising is just one of many Yumdda achievement in 2019. Like him or not it’s hard to argue that Yumdda have been having a successful year this year !