Penomeco Where Remix | Remember the track of SMTM 6 ?

Fanxychild’s comeback has been long awaited since all its crews are busy with their own activities. After announcing a two-days concert and a single album are on the way, now Penomeco Where remix is released !. It’s really been a good season for Fanxychild’s fans.

Penomeco where

It’s only a few more sleeps until Fanxychild’s first ever concert together as a crew. The concert will be held for two days in Seoul from 10 until 11 August 2019 and all of Fanxychild’s members will be present: Zico, Dean, Crush, Millic, Penomeco, and Staytuned.


Ever since they first announced the concert back in July, Fanxychild makes sure to keep us on our toes by giving us constant updates on the crew’s social media accounts. From two versions of concert posters, various teasers of their single album ‘Y’ music video, to videos of them practicing in a studio. They even took their Instagram Live seriously by having a dedicated post and design for it. And now we also get a new song from Penomeco.

Penomeco Where Remix’ (with Dean and Zico) Song Artwork

Where Remix

Well, technically it’s not a new song since it’s a remix of ‘Eodi’ or ‘Where u at’, a song by Dean and Zico that was produced for Show Me The Money season 6. Dean and Zico teamed up as a group of judges slash producers, and the song originally features Killagramz. Penomeco remixed the song by adding his own verses after the song’s chorus part sang by Dean.

Penomeco Where Remix (with Dean and Zico) MV

The MV got released soon after Penomeco announced the song’s release, and it features what looks like the stills from Fanxychild’s ‘Y’ MV as we see Penomeco, Dean, and Zico are all leaning against the car. An iconic car from ‘Y’ MV.



Fanxychild’s Instagram Live

According to what Penomeco said on Fanxychild’s Instagram Live, he didn’t intend to have ‘Where Remix’ as a digital release. He was just practicing the song for Fanxychild’s upcoming concert, but he eventually recorded it and now we can listen to the studio recording of the song. Not just the live performance. Although we may have to wait a little bit more until this song hit many digital music platforms. Well, there’s the MV on YouTube so don’t worry!

Killagramz -- ‘Where u at’ (feat. Dean and Zico) SMTM 6 Live Performance

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What do you think of Penomeco where remix? Do you think Fanxychild should have a world tour? Share your thoughts in the comments below!