Giant Pink The Night of Hate Comments Episode 7 | SM & Baek Z Young

On August 2nd, Giant Pink appeared on The Night of Hate Comments with model Song Kyung A.

The Night of Hate Comments

The Night of Hate comments (or Reply night as official title) is a show of JTBC 2 program where guest will share their experience regarding receiving hate comments from netizen. On 7th Episode of the program, Giant Pink become a guest in the episode and she share a lot of past experience in the program.

Hate Comments from Netizens

The first hate comment for Giant Pink was about her rapping skill, the comment stated she only depended on her tone. The second was about her writing lyrics skill. The third was caliing her as stuttering rapper, because she often forgot her lyrics during Unpretty Rapstar 3. The fourth criticized her voice that sounded uneducated because of her dialect. The fifth mocked her for mimicking Jessi.

The Most Hated Comment

The most hated comment that chosen by Giant Pink was about “loud rapper”. “I do have a loud voice, but that is the only way people will hear me. I consider it as my strength. If my voice is too quiet, they will criticize me for that.”

Audition at SM

At first, Giant Pink auditioned for idol group, as we all know it didnt end up well. Giant pink that she’s doesn’t suit SM image, She’s even hate SM at one point because they eliminate her straight when she just sing 2 verse of Seo Moontak song. It’s all in the past though, Giant Pink Company All I Know music share is bought by SM Entertainment and now her song were also promoted by SM Entertainment.



Winning Unpretty Rapstar 3

When criticized about winning UR, Giant Pink responded, “If you see the program, there is a person picked by the producers and another who is a winner of live performances. I always won during live performances. I think I am better on stage. But the TV program cannot show everything I do. That is why I think people who have not seen me on stage wrote this.”


Forever Young Performance

Giant Pink performed her latest song “Forever Young” feat. Leellamarz.


Struggle as a Rapper

When gave her opinion about rappers would be really stressed out about writing lyrics, Giant Pink explained, “A good writer must have a lot of experience. But I do not have much. All of them are short. I was afraid of getting hurt.”

Giant Pink confessed about her difficulty remembering verse. “I completely lost my confidence but I had to keep on rapping. I had to do them in 24 hours, I could not sleep, and I was stressed out. But, I had to memorize the raps. I decided to trust myself, in the end I did not stuttered. Because of that, I won the competition.”



Majored in Practical Music

Giant Pink majored in singing, not rapping. Her professor picked her as the second Baek Z Young. “I majored in practical music. He said I should make the best of my voice. But I am so bad at singing ballads. When I sing ballads, they sound tacky.”


The Night of hate comments Prizes

At the end, Kyunga got persimmon and dried seaweed then Giant Pink got nothing as the prizes.



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