Park Jimin JYP Entertainment part ways | After 7 years

Park Jimin (Jamie) decide to not extend her contract after 7 years with the company JYP Entertainment. Park Jimin JYP Entertainment part ways.

Park Jimin JYP

Park Jimin JYP Entertainment part ways after 7 years. Start from 2012 when Park Jimin sign an exclusive contract with JYP entertainment after winning the first season of Kpop Star. On other news, JYP havent confirmed about the future of 15& duet member Baek Yerin with the company,.


Park Jimin Instagram Post: Goodbye to JYP, fresh start

“It’s been seven years since ‘Kpop Star’, that’s a long period of time, I went through middle school, high school, and grown up as an adult. I have learned a lot and grown a lot at JYP during that time. This month, my contracts with JYP expires.

Obviously, There are regrets. I think Rather than define the past seven years with a word success I think of this as a new start of my career. There’s Regret consider songs that i wasn’t able to finish before part ways with JYP, everyone in the company that work hard to support me. But more than that i think i learn valuable lesson during my time with JYP.

Rather than having a wonderful yet short career as singer, i gonna work hard, with humble mindset & do my own kid of music. So i can mature into good natured person who help people around me. That is the true words of success to me, now i can leave the agency without any regret. I am currently finishing my last album with JYP, which will release in august, thank you to JYP Nation Studio J & Park Jin young PD I will keep release good musics after finding a new home, please keep an eye of me !”


Kpop star appearance. Park Jimin JYP Sign exclusive contract

8 years ago, Park Jimin impress everyone with her voice. Park Jimin born in 1997 so she’s really young when she appear in the program, yet all of the judges were really impressed with Park Jimin talent. This deserve a whole rewind, other contestant that appear in K-pop Star season 1 is : Lee hi, Baek a Yeon, Lee Seunghoon & Park jaehyung.



Beside her activities as musician, Park Jimin also have a memorable tenure as a MC for Arirang TV program ‘After School Club‘. Her fun personality & unexpected comment make the program a can’t miss tv, especially for international fans.

Park Jimin arirang After School club MC

M.O.L.A ‘My Way’

Park Jimin not only have JYP Entertainment as family, she’s also a part of MOLA crew. Not only that Park Jimin often visit KHH artist perform such as Dbo, Masewonder & OLNL among many others. We really look forward to Park Jimin future activities !


Park Jimin ‘April Fools’ MV preview

Make sure to follow Park Jimin on Instagram : @Jiminxjamie . Don’t miss out on Park Jimin fun instagram post !



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