H1GHRMUSIC Water | Yo Goosebumps send me some

H1GHRMUSIC Water. It’s waterbomb festival season in South Korea and H1GHRMUSIC have a new track that suit the occasion. Let’s have some fun !


Waterbomb festival is always the highlight of South Korea Summer. To fend off the summer heat, every year the waterbomb festival were held where everone can enjoy good music, good performance in the blistering heat without the risk of dehydration. H1GHRMUSIC is always invited to be in the festival, if you visit south korea around this time of the year, make sure to go to Waterbomb Festival that happening all over the country !


H1GHRMUSIC Water prod by Goosebumps

Yo Goosebumps send me some sh*t” that’s the signature track of Producer goosebumps The track is actually a pre released track of the upcoming SIk-k & Goosebumps collaboration album. The artist that feature in the track is : Woodie Gochild, Haon, pH-1, & Jay Park. Will this be your new H1GHRMUSIC anthem ??



Another fun part of this song is the teaser. Each of the artist that participate in the track were release their own version of teaser. My personal favorite is Haon teaser.

Haon Water teaser


Make sure to follow all the artist participate in the track : @Younghotyellow94 ; @Noahmik ; @ph1boyy ; @Woodie_gochild ; @Jparkitrighthere ; @goosebumpstrack



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