Moon Sua Activities | Visiting US, UR2 Nostalgia & Future Activities

We have not heard about Moon Sua activities for the last 4 years. Where has she been?

Moon Sua Acitivites

Moon Sua part ways with YG Entertainment earlier this year. So where has she been?? The former Unpretty Rapstar 2 contestant is actually been busy this year, 2019. Let’s check out Moon Sua Activities 2019.

Moon Sua Visited USA and Met Heize

Moon Sua visited her aunt place in Chicago, the United States to try living her life for once in last June. In July, she hoped to be able to go to the United States once again. She is enjoying her ordinary life for now. She also met up with her Future2NE1 friends and Heize.

Unpretty Rapstar 2

Sua ranked the fourth (the last finalist) during her time in Unpretty Rapstar 2. She told about her excitement because Unpretty Rapstar was one of the first survival programs that blew up in Korea. She felt grateful that she could reach the final. At first, she even did not think that she could reach the semi-final stage. At that time, she was 16 years old (International age).

When Sua faced Yezi again in an elimination match. She felt maybe she would eliminated by Yezi, so she wanted to present the performance without any regret. She used Beenzino If I Die Tomorrow beat. Sua won.



Sua Believe in Myself

“At that time, I want to get to the big road. 19 years old is not ripe enough to do that. I want to rap about it. I just want my soul to come out. The lyrics is really insignificant. It is not like I am always quite happy with my time. It felt too weird and too much tracking.

“There are luck among people, and I knew that I lost it when I saw myself on the show. I saw my stubborn head there. I thogut Oh, really, this could be my last. What is the reason I treat everything like this? I was told that I would do it even though it may be my last performance.”

Sua ‘Who Am I’ feat Suhyun

Sua also told about her experience when she faced Yubin in semi-final round.  Sua got the beat from Tablo and Tukutz then she wrote her lyrics by herself. ““I was looking for inspiration to write lyrics. On sofa, I was looking for something like people comments. There were many people who supported me because I was really young back then, only 16.”

“The line of full-time cheering rather than walking in a melancholy tasting window handle. I do not know why I do not like it. That did not affect me. I also could do well because AKMU Suhyun helped me through featuring on the song.”


Starred on 2010 GD & TOP Knockout

Moon Sua starred at G-Dragon & TOP “Knockout” the single from GD & TOP album on December 24th, 2010 alongside the other one YG trainee. The MV released on January 6th, 2011.

When asked if she knew G-Dragon personally, Sua said she did not. Sua then explained why she was chosen as the video clip model. At that time, they needed 1 big girl and 1 little girl. She was chosen because her body was small compared to other kids at her age back then and could dance.



Writing Lyrics on Mixnine Song

Moon Sua participated on writing lyrics for Neol Reo Wa (Come Over/ Come to Play) Mixnine Final Performance.

Featured on YG Future Strategy Office

Moon Sua featured on YG FSO when she covered 2NE1 with other trainee, Im Sua.

Sua met Im Sua

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