Heize Journey | Her Past Life Before Sweeping the Music Charts

Heize Journey before transforming into Digimon (digital monster). Her career was not all about sugar and rainbow. She had hardship during her early stage of career. So, do you want to know who was Heize back then?

Heize Journey

Heize journey is not an easy one. We all know Heize the Digital monster today, but it doesnt mean her journey have been handed in a silver spoon. Let’s check out Heize going through the hardship  before become a star that rules South korea music charts.


What Her Stage Name Means

Heize Journey

She explained that she was inspired by the American rapper Angel Haze. She said she loved the name and so decided to change up the spelling. Her stage name “Heize” means “making something hot or turning something red hot” in German. She realized no one else was using it she took it as her own.


Heize Childhood, Elementary until High School

Heize Journey

Jang Dahye entered elementary School in 1998. Jang Dahye was playing the cello and piano during her elementary school time.

Jang Dahye entered middle school in 2004. Dahye joined Orchestra Club during her middle school time. Jang Dahye listened to hiphop since middle school.Jang Dahye entered high school in 2007. Heize often wrote lyrics and made songs as a hobby since she was a high school student.  Jang Dahye started to write lyrics. Jang Dahye called Jackson Jean because of her passion towards music.

Heize High School pics

Heize Journey



Heize Family

Heize has a father, a mother, and an older brother.Heize wanted to try to be a singer seriously. She enjoyed rapping, singing, and writing her own lyrics. But, his father doesnt agree with her to go to Seoul trying to be an artist. Because artists is not a stable job and there’s more artist that failed reach their dreams than the one who reach success


Heize Campus Life

Heize entered Pukyong University in 2010, majoring in Business Administration. Heize entered that major because his schoold career advisor told her to try about the major. Heize really studied hard to persuade her father because she wanted to start career as a rapper. She got the grade rating 4.5(maximum rate, all A+) and it was revealed on MBC TV program ’I Live Alone ‘.


Heize got some tips to achieve the first ranking in her major. The tips are:

  1. Daily life with Books
  2. Listen to the lectures and then wrote down every details,
  3. Organizing notes to make them easy to understand. Heize always folded up A4 paper then wrote Chapters and titles on the top of left part. She sorted out keywords of each chapters. Then, it will be five pages per subjects.
  4. One week before exams, she summarized those papers and she only saw them on the exam day.
  5. She had stayed up all nights from a week before the exam.
  6. Do not keep using all the energy everyday, then we can’t concentrate on studying and eventually lose the tension.
  7. Take care of your health.



Pukyong University memories

Heize Journey

Prof. Seong Duk-hyeon encouraged Heize to take hiatus from school after saw Heize always sat in the back seat, listened to a lecture, sometimes not, spaced out or wrote lyrics alone. Heize loves the campus yard because she can see different grass color every season. Heize likes walking along the schoolhouse, lawn, classroom, and the other scenery.

Heize does not have other particular plan than being a singer-rapper.She went to school just because everyone goes to school. She guess she would finding a job and work at somewhere because people unconsciously think people have to get a job once they graduate. TMI: Heize now become the ambassador of Pukyong University.


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