Dingo Ambition Beer | With New member Leellamarz & way Ched

DIngo Ambition Beer. DIngo Freestyle just keep release new project one after another. Now it’s Ambition Musik turn !! It also feature their 2 new member Leellamarz & way Ched.

DIngo Ambition Beer

Ambition Musik is one of the most active agency this year, in span of few months they already sign 3 artists to their label : Way Ched, Leellamarz & Zene The Zilla. Not only signed, Ambition Musik also did a good job of promoting their new artist, give them a spotlight to release their own album after join, have 1llibition tour & also promote them in multiple platform including Dingo Freestyle.


DIngo Ambition Beer

So what is your Ambition Musik anthem ?? ‘One More Rollie?’ , “Bition Boyz??’, orĀ  ‘Band’ ?? Now it becomes harder to Choose cause they have another good Track in collaboration with Dingo freestyle ‘Beer’ ! A fun story behind this track : In DF episode, Changmo said if the track goes number 1 in charts he gonna go bungee Jumping. It was close consider it goes as high as number 5 in several music charts

Artist that participate in Dingo Ambition ‘Beer’ :



Dingo Ambition didnt stop here. They also have a constant youtube series where Ambition Musik member goes on a trip and have fun !

Dingo Ambition. Let’s make Kim Hyoeun laugh

Make sure to follow everyone that participate in Beer on Instagram : @Thequiett ; @Changmo_ ; @ash.island ; @keemhyoeun ; @hashblanccoa ; @leellamarz ; @Way_ched .



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