Producer dress Profile | Meet the mysterious producer

Meet Producer dress, the mysterious producer behind lots of great songs yet still mysterious to this day.,

Producer Dress

dress debuted on 2010. He was part of The Black Label under YG Ent with Zion.T, Teddy Park and others. During SMTM 5 he worked with rappers as Zion.T, Kush and Cjamm. You surely know these names right ? Seems like dress is really discreet…

Since 2018, he’s under Highline entertainment, a subsidiary company of Starship. Other artists in the company is Sukhoon (Byung un of Balming TIger), DJ Soda, Pluma & DJ Vanto.

hug & kiss from his single Haynie feat fka, miso, sogumm and Lydia Paek

He also collaborated with CIFIKA, Byung Un, PENOMECO, OHHYUK from Hyukoh, Brother Su, CHEEZE and a lot of others. dress doesn’t sing, so he assumes is role of producer and only create the songs.



In 2019, he released talk with VINXEN, sogumm and rapper Jang Seok Hoon, take a listen !

Recently, he appeared in Baekhyun’s album City Lights credits since he produced the track UN Village. He also produced Loopy, Nafla, Pluma and Lee Young Ji’s new song called I’m the one.  This shadowy producer seems to be present everywhere, as much on kpop scene than hip-hop one but he’s so discret than nobody knows about him.


If you want to know the songs he produced, check Producer Dress Instagram @takeyourdress where he posts the covers of them.



You can listen to Producer Dress songs on Spotify.


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