Jay Park Haon Baek Jong Won Alley Restaurant 75

Jay Park Haon Baek Jong Won Alley Restaurant ep 75 guest !! The two H1GHRMUSIC artist will try out the Startup Taco place, how will they review the store ??

Haon Jay Park Baek Jong Won

School rapper 2 winner Kim Haon is really busy nowadays. Beside keep release new music & featuring, Haon become the main cast of TV Program Channel A ‘Time Running Game – Rewind‘. Meanwhile Jay Park is super busy release music and gonna attend a world tour. It still amaze me how Jay park can release 2 album, have a world tour, manage companies & have time to record TV programs like Baek Jong Won alley restaurant.


Jay Park Birthday 25 April 1987

Haon Birthday 7 July 2000

Happy Haon & Jay Park eat Mexican food

Jay Park & Haon goes to Mexican food place that specialize in Taco’s. Baek Jong Won actually been recommending Jay Park as a guest because Jay park is a honest person, if the food doesnt taste good he wont sugarcoat it. Which why the Taco’s shop owner is really nervous when they see Jay Park & Haon come to their shop.



One of the owner (wife from the couple that Run the Taco shop) is a big fan of Jay Park & Kim haon !! She can’t hide her excitement when Haon & jay park were eating their Taco’s and Burritos. The owner were also got an Autograph from both Haon & Jay Park !! The episode turn to be a meaningful one for both the guest & Taco’s place owners.

Jay Park & Haon on Baek JOng Won alley restaurant

Bonus : Jay Park x Haon x Yumdda ‘All Day (flex)’

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