Heyne Tasty Tasty Tasty | Singer with Unique Voice

Heyne tasty, a new single from the singer with the unique voice. I’ve been using the terms ‘Unique voice’ again and again but i promise Heyne is really unique !

Heyne Tasty

Heyne debut in 2013 with the track Dalla. Starting with a pop/dance genre, Heyne been rediscover herself, exploring different kinds of music style. Now She’s just Heyne, with her own unique type of music. It’s not easy for Heyne to release her own music because she once accused by netizen of doing a ‘Lolita’ concept because of her voice & Music video. Still, the hate comments doesnt stop Heyne from keep making music, now there’s new song titled ‘Tasty’

Heyne birthday : 3 June 1992

Heyne Tasty tasty tasty Music video

“I gonna start my diet tomorrow”  Yup, ‘Tasty’ sounds like a commercial/advertising of food application or restaurant, but it’s not. Tasty is the 10th release of new music project by Heyne agency CLEF Company : ‘Tiny bits of Life’. The Music video were also just a live clip of Heyne eating stuff and singing.



After hear Heyne voice, do you ever thought her as Voice actor ?? Close enough !! Heyne actually fill the korean OST for Pokemon movie ‘The Power of Us’. Aeni (korean animation industry) is recently really growing hand in hand with the higher interest of Manhwa & Korean webtoon internationally. Maybe we can hear more of Heyne singing Anime/Aeni Ost in the future??

Heyne ‘Don’t Be afraid’ for Pokemon the movie ‘The power of Us’ Korea OST

Heyne cover 200% (original Akdong Musician)

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