Crush Happy Together 4 Ep 40 | Share fun story & Embarrassing past

Crush Happy together !! Hit singer Crush appear on Happy Together Season 4 ep 40. As Always, Shin Hyoseob share a story about lots of things, including embarassing past.

Crush happy TOgether

Crush is the perfect guest for Television, whether it’s variety show or talkshow. Quirky personality, unexpected answer/reply and lots of interesting experience is the perfect combination for Television Programs. Crush have a lots legendary appearance in TV, including on Infinite Challenge, Radio Star & I Live alone.

Crush Happy together guest alongside :

  • Bewhy
  • Shinji
  • Seo Minjung
  • Kim Jongmin
  • Ji sangryul

Crush Happy Together entrance

When the news appear in Naver and south korea news media, we really surprised consider Crush just part ways with Amoeba Culture. Now he’s a part of PSY’s agency P Nation, gonna start new journey in his career


Crush Advertising

While Bewhy share a story about rejecting advertising offer in the past because it didnt suit the image, Crush keep asking for his advertisement jobs. Crush is one of the most hardworking artist in the industry. Even though he’s busy making musics every year. he rarely reject any type of jobs, whether its perform in events/concerts, appear on Television/radio and advertising/CF Jobs. Maybe he actually take too many jobs, get some rest Hyoseob ssi…



Crush first embarrassing past is when he was going to Gimpo international airport. Crush need to go to the restroom and children were following him. After crush get out from the bathroom the kids shout “CRUSH JUST POOOPED, CRUSH POOP!!”. There’s a lots of fans that were waiting for Crush in the airport and they can hear it.

Crush Past : Being followed by the Children to the restroom


Polite Crush

This is why we love Crush on variety show. Out of nowhere, Crush share a story of having a fanmeeting in the Sauna & Public baths. The host & other guest cant help but to laugh when they heard Crush story.



Crush come as a guest with Bewhy. Crush share a story behind the scene of recording the song 1-100. In the recording session, Crush thought that Bewhy voice is too loud, but Bewhy think otherwise (not loud enough). Crush actually bring the recording home and lied to bewhy, Crush said he’s fixing the sound when he’s actually not editing anything to the music. Bewhy thought Crush really did edit the sound and were happy though.

Crush BEwhy 1-100 on MNET the call

Crush Past : Rainy days

Crush share his past of performing in rainy days (not this actual Vids) in 2016. Crush is  known to be hardowrking and keep performing even in the toughest weather. One of the most famous rainy days performance of Crush is on 2016, even ragarded as top 5 in all time best raining dance performance by South Korea netizen.


Crush Red velvet fan. Yup ! Crush is one of the biggest Reveluv out there, this is not the first time that Crush share a story about how he a big fan of Red velvet. Crush even share a story in past Radio Star episode that he’s type is someone like Irene of Red velvet. TMI: Zion T also a big fan of Red velvet.

Crush Red Velvet fan

Make sure to follow Crush on Instagram : @Crush9244 . If you want to watch Crush Happy Together english subs you can watch it HERE



What do you think of Crush Happy Together 4 ep 40 appearance ?? Let us know what is your favorite & Funniest moment of Crush in the episode !!