ONE YG Entertainment contract ended | Future plans

ONE YG entertainment contract ended. This news comes out when Jung Jaewon were attending new movie ‘Goodbye Summer ‘ Press conference today.

ONE YG entertainment

ONE YG entertainment contract ended after 5 years in the company. It’s actually been quite a while, the contract was expired since ONE finish his appearance on TvN drama ‘Her Private life’ as Cha shi an. Now, Jung Jaewon is plan to pursue his music activities as One Man Agency, he’s been working really hard to prepare the new album that plan to be release this year (2019). Jaewon Fighting !!


ONE SMTM 4  stint. ONE join YG Entertainment afterwards

ONE of 1punch SMTM 4 journey :

  • Got all pass in the 2nd round
  • Lost against¬† Hanhae from Brand New Music in 3rd round,
  • Earn a 2nd chance with the infamous Snoop Dog Cypher
  • Join team Zico & paloalto. (lost in team mission stage alongside AndUp, Mino & Ja Mezz)
  • Even though ONE eliminated in the team mission stage (top 16), he’s make a great impact and catch everyone attention. Including one of the biggest entertainment company in South Korea : YG entertainment.



As YG entertainment artist, ONE have a successful debut single album ‘One Day’¬† in 2017. That was 2 years ago, and that’s it. yeah that’s it.

ONE YG Entertainment debut | ‘Heyahe’ Music video

Jung Jaewon the Actor. Goodbye Summer trailer

More than his stint as a musician/rapper. Jung Jaewon did more acting job. Jaewon the actor star in 4 drama : A Korean Oddysey, Room no 9, Her Private life and Arthdal Chronicles. He’s also scheduled to become the lead actor in Movie ‘Goodbye Summer‘ alongside Kim Bora.



ONE actually doesnt stop making music. He’s often spotted working with KHH producers such as Vangdale of GXXD & Yelowsmob. Few months ago release 3 unofficial track in his Instagram.

ONE unofficial track on Instagram

Make sure to follow ONE on Instagram : @onlyoneprivate . You don’t want to miss out his future activities !!


What do you think of ONE become a free agent and (possibly) start a one man agency ?? Or perhaps do you have any suggestion of Agency that suit Jaewon the best ?? Let us know in the comment section below !


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