Swings Han Yohan Collaboration EP | Stuck together

Swings Han Yohan collaboration. Are they best friend ?? are they arch enemy ?? Are they just boss & employee ?? What is their relationship ?? We don’t know for sure but they stuck together.

Swings Han Yohan

Swings Han Yohan always tease each other They actually a close friends that been working together since Just Music just begin, they even was living together! Its always fun when Swings & han Yohan together, whether its performance, instagram post, or most recently : have a songs together !


Swings Han Yohan Stuck Together EP tracklist

  • Fake Rock star feat NO:EL
  • Usain Bolt feat  Youngb
  • Whistle feat Nafla & changmo
  • Though
  • Whistle remix feat Cavin

THere;s actually a fun story behind the EP. Which was recorded suddenly when Swings goes to Han Yohan room and invite Han Yohan to make a fun music.

Fake Rock Star feat NO:EL audio

One of the feature of hip hop music that wont be found anywhere else is diss track, usually diss tracks is directed towards someone who insult you to prove a point. But what if it directed towards your own friends ?? It becomes this song : ‘Fake Rock Star’ where each rapper tease each other instead. Check out the lyrics.

Swings Verse : 

“Yang Hong won (Young B) learn to speak properly first
Your Hyung is Hong SIyoung (GIriboy) ? Yes it is
Is Goretexx a clothes brand or rapper ?
Learn to Dance before Picking fights Jvckiwai”

Han Yohan Verse : 
“Moon jihoon (Swings) is a fool
Let’s start a gym yet eat Pizza
The pig wont go anywhere”

NO:EL Verse : 
“Han Yohan got popular because of Bumper car
If not for Young B & NO;EL, he will only known for Hookzap 
Maybe he stream twitch or become a BJ instead”



Swings ‘Whistle’ feat Nafla & Changmo

Bonus : Swings & Han Yohan perform together

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