Jo Woochan Cube Entertainment part ways | Debut as soloist

Jo woochan Cube entertainment part ways. SMTM 6 contestant & Cube entertainment trainee Jo Woochan decide to not extend his contracts and goes solo, a personal decision.

Jo Woochan Cube Entertainment

Jo Woochan the elementary school rapper become sensation 2 years ago when he appaer on SMTM 6, not only ‘appear’ Woochan goes as far as semifinals ! Competing toe to toe against more veteran rapper that compete in the program. Now, Jo Woochan Cube entertainment part ways, debut with a new track feature Dok2 !


Jo Woochan SMTM 6

Do you remember this scene ?? Woochan the 2005 liner shock everyone with his fierce rap. No one expect this from an elementary schooler, Woochan is loved by audience, producers & SMTM 6 contestant hyungs. Santa maybe does not exist but Woochan does, we really blessed to witness the growth of one of the most talented young rapper in the industry.



2017 not only the start of Jo Woochan the khh rapper, but also the starts of news that lots of people still remember today : Woochan will debut with Guanlin & Seonho were the headline & trending topics in the late 2017 after Woochan was revelead to be a trainee of Cube entertainment.

OGZ with Park Hyunjin & Achillo

What did happen is this. Three talented young rapper : Jo Woochan, park Hyunjin & Achillo form OGZ. Where are they now though ?? Park Hyunjin were nowhere to be seen while Achillo join Frank Musik Crew, already audition for SMTM 8. 



Woochan have been busy with school overseas in the U.S. Only brief appear on SNS and make a cameo at SMTM 777 episode 0. Now, Woochan gonna start his music activities again, debut with single album ‘School boy pt 1’.

Jo woochan ‘Reality Check‘ feat Dok2

Make sure to follow JoWoochan on Instagram (account handled by Woochan mom) : @Jowoochan_santa . Jo Woochan Cube entertainment is already over, but this is just a start of Woochan activities as a solo rapper!


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