Groovyroom Face Down | Feat uneducated Kid & Paul Blanco

Groovyroom face down. A new track that not release on Music sites (Both korean & international). The track feature Uneducated Kid & Paul Blanco also cameo from hottest character in KHH.

Groovyroom Face down

GROOVY EVERYWHERE !! One of the most popular tagline in Korea Music industry by producer who make more than 9 digits income (in won) every single month. Hwimin & Gyujeong start with a humble beginning, finally reach their luck when in 2013 Hwimin sending their demo beat to rapper in KHH industry which noticed by Uglyduck who introduce it to AOMG Artist. That’s how Groovyroom work with Jay Park for the first time and the rest is history.


Groovyroom Face Down feat Paul Blanco & Uneducated Kid

Groovyroom Face down is a new release among many others H1GHRMUSIC release that scheduled this summer. Uneducated Kid who have been making lots of noise recently & Multi talented Producer, rapper, singer-songwriter Paul Blanco is featured in the track. There’s also cameo by Hip hop grandpa & Yumdda in the video, do you spot them in the Music video??



Even after finish their schedule as School rapper 3 mentor, Groovyroom still really busy making music, attending events/concerts & also gonna have their own music class ! Groovy everywhere indeed.

SoyouAll Night‘ feat Sik--k produced by Groovyroom

Bonus : Hip hop Grandpa cover Justhis verse of ‘Indigo’

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