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Hotchkiss grandline entertainment. Few days ago there’s news that School rapper 3 contestant Hotchkiss/Kim Hojin join new family Grandline entertainment.

Hotchkiss Grandline Entertainment

Kawaii creator ! earlier this year Kim Hojin / Hotchkiss become a trending topic because his appearance on School Rapper 3. The positive energy & fun personality steal everyone attention, arguably one of the most memorable appearance by any rapper that only goes as far as top 16. Now Hotchkiss become a part of Grandline entertainment !! Ready to release new track soon ~

Hotchkiss Grandline entertainment alongside :


Hotchkiss the Kawai creator

Every mentor favorite : Hotchkiss .The bright & Cute personality of Kim Hojin steal everyone heart. Join on team Kid Milli & Giriboy, Hotchkiss have many cute moment that include Kid Milli sama bought him a digital camera. Too bad he was eliminated in the Top 16 so we didnt get more footag & content from the kawaii creator.




One of the most memorable track with catchiest hook in School rapper 3 is s’Snow’ By LIl tachi & Hotchkiss. There’s many talented rapper with great skills & technique but only few can incorporate their personality into their music and become a star. Now we gonna wait for Kim Hojin new track ‘Air Conditioner’ feature LIl tachi & produced by Giriboy that gonna release on 18th of July 2019.

Hothckiss x Lil Tachi ‘Snow’

After finish School rapper Journey, Hothckiss have been active performing with fellow School rapper 3 contestant and even come as a guest in Giriboy concert! He also become one of ambassador for Gyeonggi province ministry of education.

Gyeonggi province ministry of education ambassador


Make sure to follow Hotchkiss Grandline entertainment on Instagram : @Lucky_hotchkiss & @Grandline.official



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