Code Kunst Nucksal Running Man 458 & 459 | Surprise !

Code Kunst Nucksal running man episode 458 & 459. Without prior announcement / teaser, both of  SMTM 777 producers Cokun & Nucksal appear on Running man !! Their quirky personality gonna bring tons of laugh in the episode.

Code Kunst Nucksal RUnning man

To be honest, didnt expect this. Running man not usually invite KHH artists. It’s been a really long time since KHH artist come as a guest to running man, we can even trace way back to 2012 when Simon Dominic appear as a guest. Code Kunst & Nucksal not only guest for 1 episode but gonna appear again next week on Running Man episode 459.

Code Kunst Nucksal running man guest alongside

  • A-Pink
  • Soran
  • Gummy


Code Kunst Nucksal Running man . Not first appearance together

Running man is not the first program that Code Kunst & Nucksal appear as a set. The two best friends already appear on SMTM 777 as producers (albeit on different teams), School Rapper 3 (Cokun as mentor & nucksal as MC) & JTBC ‘All i wanna do’ hip hop special. We love both of them so we hope there’s more to come !


Nucksal : Song Jihyo look alike.

This story goes back as long as 2017 when numerous South korea news articles said that SMTM 6 contestant Nucksal look like Song Jihyo. Song Jihyo still remember that and really happy to meet Nucksal. What do you think ?? They look alike right ??



Code who ?? Kunst ? Code Concert ??

Jeon Somin misheard Cokun stage name and thought it’s Code concert (They sound similair in Korea pronounciation).


Code Kunst,  pink panda ??

Our Cokun actually a pink panda ?? Code Kunst is the only one who look shy while smiling ear to eare when A-Pink perform.



Code Kunst Nucksal Running man perform ‘Perfume’ LIVE


Code Kunst Nucksal Running Man ep 459 teaser

Make sure to follow Code Kunst & Nucksal on Instagram : @Code_kunst & @Nucksal . If you want to watch Code Kunst Nucksal Running man episode 458 with English subs HERE



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