Eunoo Uninhabited Island | 2nd single of Jung Eunoo

Eunoo Uninhabited island . Lets get to know more about the talented R&B singer Eunoo music who just debut this year !! This is the 2nd Single titled ‘Uninhabited Island’

Eunoo uninhabited Island

Eunoo just debut few months ago with the single ‘Monologue’ in April, 2019. Eunoo doesn’t have a company/agency, yet she still have a wonderful music & Music video with a great concept each. Eunoo was also known for her songs cover in Youtube channel in the past.  Eunoo plan to keep releasing music in the future whenever she got new inspiration, Fighting ! We can’t wait for more music ~


Eunoo Uninhabited Island Music video

Uninhabited Island Music video were shoot in Gwanghwa Island that suit the concept of the song : Uninhabited Island. We often feels like we were in Uninhabited island when we feeling down because no one lending a hand, yet we always want to go to uninhabited Island to be alone when we feeling down, relatable.



Eunoo often also cover songs in the Youtube Channel. From domestic tracks such as Dean ‘Instagram’ into western hit songs such as Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’.  

Eunoo cover ‘Bad Boy’ of Red Velvet

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