Cho Woojin Activities | Original School Rapper From SMTM 2

If you watch SMTM 2, you probably remember the High School rapper with fierce rap. It’s been 6 years since. Check cho Woojin Activities nowadays!

Cho Woojin Activities

Cho woojin recently featured in Stagger Music Youtube channel. An indie youtuber that often post recent news about Korean hip hop. Let’s check out Woojin Past, present & Future as we find out more about the talented rapper that was forgotten yet still working hard towards his goals


Cho Woojin Activities. First appearance on Show Me The Money 2

We all know about Kim Haon, Lee Youngji, Young B & many more young talented rapper that break out after appear on High School Rapper. 6 years ago, there was no program such as High School rapper, the young Cho Woojin need to struggle and compete against veteran in the hip hop industry in Show Me The Money Season 2, against powerhouse such as Mad Clown, Swings & Zizo.


Cho Woojin gained attention because his aggressiveness performing fast rapping style despite his young age. He passed the first round when he was a middle school student. He won over Jang Sungho and joined Team D.O. Then, he was unable to perform at the first official stage performance because D.O chose other rappers. Still he make a great impact consider he’s really young (compared to other rapper in KHH industry back in 2010’s)




Cho Woojin Activities : Opportunities After SMTM2

Cho Woojin appearance on SMTM2 gave him several opportunities to perform. He attended one of Just Music music festival to perform his song on SMTM called Don’t Stop. It still available on Just Music youtube channel even after 6 years.

He also appeared on M-Countdown with Starship artist Yoo Seung Woo in a track titled ‘U Who’ that was released back in 2013. Do you remember the performance ?? Because Cho Woojin & Yoo Seungwoo appear not only once in music show.

Cho Woojin Yoo Seungwoo ‘U Who?‘ MNET M Countdown


Cho Woojin Acitivities SMTM 777 Journey

After a long time not heard in major music scene, Cho Woojin suddenly decide to audition for Show Me The Money 777. Many people surprised when they knew Cho Woojin tried to participate on SMTM 777 audition. He uploaded his ready-made track titled “Loyalty” for his online screening. Viewers has many expectations from Cho Woojin because he had done well on SMTM 2



Cho Woojin passed the first round through Swings judgment. He wanted to reconcile with Swings through SMTM 777 (there’s a history of Cho Woojin dissing Swings back in 2014). He failed on the second round because he lacked the confidence then forgot his lyrics. Code Kunst commented on him with sarcasm, saying he rode the beat in a fun way.

Cho Woojin Glimpse appearance on SMTM 777


Cho Woojin Activities . Current activities

Cho Woojin lives in Bucheon. He often performs with HSR3 Untell. Sometimes, he performs at small events that costs 10.000-20.000 won. He also often remix & do his own take of Famous beats like Epik High “Born Hater” (that used by many SMTM4 contestants during the second round), Kendrick Lamar “Look Out for Detox,” and Lil Pump “Gucci Gang’ which gain a positive reaction from the netizen.


He uploads his work on Soundcloud from time to time. His recent mixtape gained a little bit attention because he collaborated with Kim Ximya of XXX. According to his Soundcloud, he has produced two mixtapes until now. Mostly, he writes lyrics about depression, hard life, one night stand, drugs, and other things that is not good for a mankind. Most of his song produced by Syndrome and beatowski.

Cho Woojin ‘Real estate’ with Kim Ximya of XXX

Make sure to follow Cho Woojin on Instagram : @Eddiminem . What can we expect from Cho Woojin activities? Let’s see in the future because he decided to not participate on SMTM 8.



Cho Woojin got various reaction by Netizen in Stagger music youtube channel. What is your reaction/opinon regarding Cho Woojin activities ?? Let us know in the c omment section below !!