Vincent Blue Stupid | Brand New A artist new single

Vincent Blue Stupid. A new gloomy acoustic single from Vincent blue for everyone who trapped in their own emotion. A feelings we experience at least once in our life.

VIncent Blue stupid

Vincent blue sign to Brand new A earlier this year after being teased as Brand New Music newest member last year. Brand new A & Vincent Blue is a perfect fit because the singer songwriter can express his music freely without the prejudice of BNM music style. TMI : The artwork for single cover & music video were hand drawn by Vincent Blue mom, artistic family indeed.


Vincent Blue ‘Stupid’ MV

Stupid is a song about being trapped in own emotion, in this case helplessness & Loneliness just like the lyrics: “i’m pathetic, even though i like you to death, i think it’ll be over like this”. The music is made by composer Hannon who vincent blue already feature with in the past.  The track is simple using acoustic & piano as the base but it serve it goals, showcase Vincent Blue soulful voice.



Hannon  ‘Her At the time’ feat VIncent blue live

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