Jiwoo Maison EP | Debut as Wavy ~

Jiwoo Maison EP. The latest artist from Wavy, Unique alternative genre singer-songgwriter-producer Jiwoo debut with an EP titled ‘Maison’.

Jiwoo Maison

Just few weeks ago Jiwoo announced as the new artist to join Wavy, a family of artists & musician. Under the name/persona Jiwoo, he’s an R&B singer-songwriter-producer that have a unique type of musicality. He’s also known as Hayake a talented DJ-Rapper-Producer that makes fire alongside WYBH mate. Now we got more insight about Jiwoo musicality through ‘Maison’ EP , after only get few glimpse through Soundcloud & few featurings.

Jiwoo Maison EP Tracklist

  • Greed
  • Comme des Garcons
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Aston
  • Limbo
  • Whatever

All of the tracks inside Jiwoo Maison EP is written, composed & produced by Jiwoo himself. Another fun fact : All the songs inside Maison EP is in english (TMI : Jiwoo studied in University of Toronto)

Jiwoo Comme des Garcens MV

Jiwoo didn’t put any description for the EP/tracks on Music sites (Melon,genie), not like he need to write anything because Jiwoo Music really speak for itself. It’s great, period.



Jiwoo also have another stage name/persona as Hayake. Check out Hayake rap in Giriboy ‘벽’

Make sure to follow Jiwoo on Instagram : @maisonjiwoo & wavy @Wavyseoul. Don’t miss out on Jiwoo future updates !



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