Ailee YMC Entertainment part ways | A free Agent (For Now)

Ailee YMC Entertainment part ways. After the contract expired, Ailee decide to not extend the contract with longtime agency YMC Entertainment. Ailee handle her own activities (for Now).

Ailee YMC Entertainment

Ailee YMC entertainment journey starts on 2010, it’s been long 9 years with the company with many stories of success include songs that top the charts, win lots of awards & even stars in Drama. Now, Ailee is a free agent, with longtime manager, handle activities such as events, promotion & music activities. Ailee also currently considering all the option available, either stay as a free agent or sign with new company/agency.


Ailee ButterFLY showcase

Ailee just release the latest album ‘ButterFLY’ !!  Ailee dont promote the title song ‘Room Shaker’ on TV Music shows such as ‘Music core’, ‘Show Champion’, ‘M countdown’ and so on. Which i dont think gonna be a problem at all, lots of KRNB artist such as Zion T, Dean, Heize & Crush didnt promote their music on music shows yet still goes high in music charts & loved by everyone.


Didn’t have agency doesnt mean Ailee isn’t busy. Beside perform on events/concert, Ailee also scheduled to appear on TV Programs, she gonna be one of the guest on KBS ‘Hello Counselor’ that air today on 8th of July 2019.

Ailee as a guest for KBS Hello Counselor

Ailee YMC entertainment



Bonus Ailee cover ‘Eyes on Lips‘ (original Taeyang of Big Bang) on MNET The call

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What do you think of Ailee YMC entertainment parting ways?? DO you have any suggestion of Company/Agency that will suit Ailee the most ?? Or is Ailee better off going Solo/make her own Company ?? Let us know in the comment section below !