Ciki Syndrome | (Not so) new song from Ciki

Ciki Syndrome. R&B Singer ciki is back with not so new song titled ‘Syndrome’. Not So New ?? Yup ! It’s actually a re release track from 2017 when Ciki is still a soundcloud artist.

Ciki Syndrome

Not only the song is not so new, Ciki is also a not so new artist even though he just officially debut on 2018. As Soundcloud artist, Ciki have been releasing track since 2015 (even have more than 30 thousand subscriber in soundcloud!). Ciki have been trying out multiple types of Genre in Soundcloud but now seems to be focus as R&B singer.


Ciki Syndrome MV preview

Syndrome music is simple compared to other Ciki release only based on : Drum, Guitar & Bass. Yet the simpleness have its own charm, a chill song to enjoy before closing your eyes (even though the lyrics is actually gloomy). TMI : Some of the profits of this album will be donated to Korean Women’s Association so make sure to listen ~



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