Lee Youngji Immortal Songs 2 | First Public TV appearance

Lee Youngji Immortal songs 2 !! Lee Youngji come as a special featuring guest on immortal songs 2 410th Episode. What legendary song & artist that Lee Youngji featured as a guest ??

Lee Youngji Immortal Songs

Just few months ago we witness the birth of new winner of School Rapper Lee Youngji !! Lee Youngji have been busy since, appear on interviews on many magazine, radio show & Concerts. But Lee Youngji havent appear on public TV broadcast (KBS / MBC / SBS), until now. Lee Youngji become a guest on KBS 2 Immortal Songs latest episode !!


Lee Youngji Immortal Songs 2 performance : featured in Seo Moontak cover ‘Bang Bang’

‘bang Bang’ is a hit song of Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj that was released on 2014. Lee youngji suddenly come as hidden guest in the middle of the performance and blow the crowd !! THere’s also a short segment after the performance ended where the former School Rapper 3 contestant show her charms that was well love by MC’s & other guests.



Lee Youngji taking pics with Ben

Lee Youngji Immortal Songs


Lee Youngji practice ‘Bang Bang‘ with Seo Moontak band


Make sure to follow Lee Youngji on Instagram : @Youngji_02 , If you want to watch the full episode of Lee Youngji appearance on Immortal songs 2 you can watch it HERE


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