slchld happy campers | Back with a Double Single Release

In less than a month, slchld is back again. Let’s be happy, comfortable, and content together with ‘happy campers’!

2019 has been a productive year so far for slchld, whose name is an abbreviation of ‘seoul child’. He has been releasing new materials almost every month. From single releases (‘two faced’ in January 2019, ‘I find peace in the rain’ in April 2019, ‘a long heartburn’ in May 2019), EP releases (‘aeries?’ together with R&B artist oceanfromtheblue in February 2019, ‘my insecurities, not yours’ in March 2019), and now double single release ‘happy campers’.

slchld, whose real name is Jang Doohyuk, is an alternative R&B artist based in Vancouver, Canada, who was born in Seoul (hence the ‘seoul child’ abbreviation). He is an independent singer song-writer who started to put out music seriously since January 2017, with Soundcloud being his main platform.

SLCHLD happy campers Artwork

happy campers

‘happy campers’ features two slchld’s newest songs that showcase his signature smooth, chill, and laid back sound. All the lyrics were written by slchld himself, produced by masked man, and mastered by GILLA.



SLCHLD happy campers Tracklist

  1. camp
  2. soft start

Slchld ‘Camp’ on Soundcloud

He has collaborated with quite a lot of artists (with some of them being his frequent collaborators): from oceanfromtheblue, Rheehab, GILLA, to JUNNY. He had opened for Keem Hyoeun and G2 too.

GILLA ‘We Don’t Have to try’ feat Slchld

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