Kim Seulki To Love | Love in any form is beautiful

Kim Seulki to love . Love in any form is beautiful, this is a song about what is love for Kim Seulki, What does your love look like ??

Kim Seulki To Love

Kim Seulki debut on 2016, starting out with ballad ‘indie’ type of music. Kim Seulki have been trying out different styles of music recently, exploring electronic & Rnb Genre.  The singer songwriter also plan to have an event at 20th of July 2019, she gonna have a live version of the song ‘To Love’ among other project !


Kim Seulki To Love MV

Fun fact ! ‘To Love’ were actually inspired by her puppy name barry, this is not a strange stories because hit singer Crush were also make the song ‘Woo Ah’ for his dog Doyou! Pets is such an inspiration. The music video look aesthetic right ?? It was shoot at Kamakura, Japan. Model Mare matsuura is starring in the Music video.



Kim Seulki cover ‘Beautiful’ (original Crush)

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