Darin Midnight | Acoustic blues single

Darin Midnight, A new single from the talented singer songwriter. Let’s get to know more about Darin & the new song Midnight !

Darin Midnight

Where the stage name Darin come from ?? It’s from greek name that means ‘Precious gift’ ! Debut on 2017 with EP ‘Fall’, Darin combine Jazz, folk & Blues as the genre. Even though she still ‘new’ to the Scene, Darin already have quite a fans, her first concert ‘Tropical Night‘ that was on 29th & 30th of June was sold out in matter of minutes !


Darin Midnight audio

Midnight is a R&B track with Darin touch, emotional lyrics and acoustic base. LambC help produce Darin track ‘Midnight’, that’s probably why the acoustic & Jazz vibes really stand out in the track. I can’t wait for Unplugged version of ‘Midnight’, sounds good right ??



Darin cover ‘Knees’ (Original IU)

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