Time Running Game – Rewind | Kim haon as fixed Cast

Time Running Game -- Rewing. A new variety show that gonna air next Month, july 2019. Kim Haon from H1GHRMUSIC & KIFF CLAN gonna be one of the permanent cast of the show.

Time Running Game

Back to the 2000’s or back to the 90’s ?? Time Running game is a new variety show with interesting concept : time Machine. Each episode will have the cast travel back in time to certain time period (example : 1999), where they gonna experience the world back in the days while completing numerous Challenge. Time Running Game -- rewind will air on July 2019 on A Channel TV. Excited ??


Cast : 

  • Kim Sung Joo 
  • Park Myung Soo 
  • Kim Jong Kook 
  • Haha 
  • Yang Se Chan 
  • Park Kyung of block b
  • Muzie 
  • Lee Ji Hye
  • Haon
  • Jinsol of April

Time Running Game -- Rewind teaser

Walkman (Casette), Mp3 player, Smartphone. Thats the teaser of the 1st episode of the new show ! It will be interesting to see the reaction of Haon the Z Generation (kids born in late 90’s & 2000’s) when experience past technology & culture. Citing from korea news article, PD of the show goals is to learn history of South Korea in a fun way !



Haon is not a newbie in variety show industry. The School rapper 2 winner already star as a permanent member of 2 tv show before : MNET ‘Kkondae Live’ & JTBC ‘Kids These days’. The latter part he even being called ‘Yoo Jaesuk Son’ by South Korea netizen. Can’t wait to see the interaction of Haon with the casts of this show !

Haon oppa on JTBC ‘Kids These Days’ .

Make sure to follow Kim Haon on Instagram : @Noahmik . Don’t miss out on Haon activities in the future !! Oh, he also gonna feature in Jay Park new EP ~



WHat do you think of the new variety show Time Running Game -- Rewind ?? Excited ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!


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