Haon Volume Up Radio | Co Radio DJ with Suhyun of AKMU

Haon volume up radio, not as a guest anymore but as Co radio DJ with Suhyun of Akdong Musician Haon will be co radio DJ at SBS Volume Up radio every monday !

Haon Volume Up

Kim Haon not only good at music but also have a fun personality & positive energy. The school rapper 2 winner will share his positive attitude with the listener every monday with a new segment ‘I’m Happy !”. Which is a pun in Korea from the words ‘Haengbog’ & Haon name. The corner will air every monday on KBS Volume up radio . Be happy with Haon & suhyun !!


Haon Volume up radio ‘I’m Happy’ corner

Haon new Segment with Suhyun of Akdong Musician is the perfect segment for everyone who have a hard day in monday. Air at 8 PM -- 10 PM KST, Haon & Suhyun gonna washed away your fatigue that accumulate in the worst day of the week. Haon the Traveler will give advice, answer your question, share life quotes & spread happiness in the segment !



Haon not only known for his music, he also been spreading positivity whenever he can. Different than the negative prejudice of KHH rapper, Haon show that you can be positive, happy & having a bright personality to be successful in the hip hop industry.

Haon Life quotes on Weekly Idol



Haon & Suhyun spreading happiness on KBS ‘Volume Up’ Radio

Make sure to follow Haon Volume up radio on Instagram : @noahmik & @Volumeup891 . If you want to listen / watch the radio you can download KBS Kong app on your play store/App store or you can watch it on your browser HERE 


What do you think Haon Volume up radio segment ?? Make sure to tune in to the radio every monday !